20 Things I Wish I Knew at 16

I am now 26 and I think, having crossed into the other half of my twenties, there are a lot of life lessons that I wish I had known at least 10 years earlier. Here are twenty things that I had to learn the hard way and I hope I can help someone somewhere not have to learn them the way I did. Enjoy!


  1. Pay back the loan with the refund checks.

Student Loan debt

  1. Don’t park your car on the street during the holidays.

Parked Car

  1. Always shovel your car out immediately don’t wait until the next day.

Frozen Car

  1. Don’t stress over boys.

Stress over boys

  1. You don’t have to know what you want to do from the moment you are born. You can figure it out and change as you go.

Working kid

  1. High school is whack.

Hish School Sucks

  1. Believe in yourself more- Don’t be so self-deprecating.

Believe in Yourself

  1. Your faith is your own. Who cares what anyone else has to say.


  1. You never know if you will have another opportunity so fill your passport while you have the chance.


  1. You’ll have the same friends forever.

friends forever

  1. Prioritize your happiness.

Be happy

  1. There are many ways to make money (legally) in the world. Get creative and get your hustle on.

Make money

  1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone.

Dont Compare

  1. Start thinking about your empire and start building it.

build empire

  1. When Game of Thrones comes out you will love it so start watching it immediately. (Don’t wait until season 4)

iron throne

  1. Happiness is all in your mind.

Happiness is in your mind

  1. It gets easier.

Easy life

  1. You are a good person.

good person

  1. You actually do like beer you’ve just been drinking the wrong kind.


  1. Attracting good things/good people starts with loving yourselfLove yourself

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