About Me

Hi friend! My name is Stephanie Atieno. I’m 26 and I live in New Jersey.

This a combination of a lifestyle, personal and business blog. Here you’ll find bits of how I run my fashion business, my outlook on being a 26-year-old #GirlBoss my personal style, family, faith, travels and adventures, fitness tips, natural hair tips, relationship struggles and just everyday womanhood.

Stephanie Atieno Landscape Portrait Power Peplum Blouse

I live my life as a constant transformation of self, always seeking to grow more learn more and be better than yesterday.

I was born in Texas, grew up in Philadelphia, then Seattle and then finally Jersey City, NJ. I’m a city girl in my heart of hearts. I like heels and sneakers and red lipstick and kinky hair, breakfast at all times of the day, meditation, and God.


In 2012 I started an online African fashion store StephanieAtieno.com. Its my passion project and through it I have grown and learned so much.

Stephanie AtienoPowerPeplum Blouse

In 2015, I met a French man, adventure-partner, companion, and best friend – Pierre. We met while I was on a business trip in Switzerland. He and I had decided to pursue a relationship while he is living in Switzerland and me living in New Jersey.


There is a little about me, I hope you choose to come back!



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